From the teachings of Krishnamacharya, and in the tradition of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.




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David Adams, Owner of Yoga Jaya

As a professional athlete, I first started practicing yoga to maintain flexibility while studying Sport Psychology at the Australian Institute of Sport in 1991. Many of those early years were spent just moving through the various, more physical styles with different teachers whom I never really had a personal connection with. My life blessed with unbelievable highs, lofty goal after goal achieved, the joy then matched equally with grief and the occasional horror one sees as a sports aerobatic pilot. I was the living epitome of the Rajasic/Tamasic cycle.

In 2009 I was introduced to the classical teachings of Sri Krishnamacharya, and everything started to change. I had finally found a lineage of knowledge, not the abstract cliches and phony new age rhetoric which flows off most Western  teachers' tongues. The very foundation of Yoga relies on the student's relationship with a teacher who has a relationship with a teacher.

 Having studied the Sutras of Patanjali under TKV Desikachar for a decade in Chennai, India, my teacher transformed my life with the wisdom he shared.  A whole new and refreshingly truthful perspective of this ancient healing art was revealed. With the traditional teachings of Krishnamacharya, and the Yoga Sutras, many powerful, practical tools were suddenly available to me, bringing clarity and restoring emotional  balance while  still visualizing more amazing goals along my path.

 I have returned to India several times to study Vedic Mantra and Asana at  the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, and I am proud beyond words to be a part of this amazing lineage of knowledge.

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Cindy Price

I was introduced to yoga in 2008 in classes taught by David Adams.  Over the weeks and months as I practiced it became clear that yoga had so many positive effects on my life!  Truly it seemed everything was improving; my health, my relationships, my attitudes, and my emotions.  I wanted to learn more about this and the classic yoga that David teaches.  In 2011, I began my study as a yoga teacher with Robert Birnberg, in the Krishnamacharya tradition.  I learned that yoga is so much more than physical postures.   I’ve had the joy of teaching yoga now for five years.  In both private sessions and group classes, I’ve seen how the simple tools of yoga have the potential to unlock joy in the student.   I also have been teaching a chair yoga class at a local Cancer Center for three years.  My students share that yoga helps them release stress, improve how they feel physically and create calm.   I can’t wait to see where each person’s yoga journey will take them! 


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Leslie began her yoga studies in 2013 under the tutelage of Michelle Mazur and Shana Meyerson (YogaAthletica, MiniYogis) for her 200- and 300-hour teacher training, where she was first introduced to the Krishnamacharya lineage. Her studies have since led her to several other incomparable teachers under this auspicious lineage: Robert Birnberg (Sutras), Eleni Tsikrikras (Ayurveda), and finally, David Adams (advanced yoga teacher training). Leslie also considers her students—from mini-yogis to centenarians—as a consistent source of love, wisdom, and inspiration.


Christen has been practicing yoga for over twelve years and has worked in the health and wellness industry for over a decade.. Although she has done many types of yoga over this time she chose to be certified in the tradition of Krishnamacharya taught by David Adams, Her experience with Hatha Yoga classes over this period of time allows Christen to offer different styles of classes for all levels of fitness. She also teaches a "mommy and me" yoga class with her daughter Sage. "For me, the joy of Yoga was such a blessing and changed my life on so many levels, from a young age I knew I wanted to share this joy with others. Come and enjoy a beautiful class, where we incorporate our movement with our breath, and do something amazing for our bodies and minds. Let yoga transform your life like it has for myself personally, as well as many of my students."




In 2010, after a loved one passed away, I dove into the world of spirituality to better understand that we are souls having a human experience. When I fell in love with my first restorative yoga class, my heart and body felt at peace in a way I'd never known before. From that point on, I knew yoga would be a part of my life forever. Inspired by the connection to my breath, mind, body and spirit; I continually desired to advance my knowledge & personal practice. I also practice Vedic meditation daily, relieving stress, cleansing my nervous system, integrating my Individuality with Universality. Since 2015, I feel abundantly blessed to be able to guide other students to connect within themselves encouraging self love and acceptance. To be able to surrender control and instead trust that they are exactly where they are meant to be in their life & in their yoga poses. 




Bridget has been teaching various classes all over the world for over 10 years now. She found yoga in 2011 and immediately fell in love with all that it has to offer. Coming from a strong background in dance/workout classes, she has a solid foundation to build off of when it comes to body awareness. Since finding yoga, she has been studying under the brilliant David Adams in the teachings of Krishnamacharya and the tradition of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. "With all of this knowledge under my belt, I'm extremely excited to share the light with each and every one of my students. Guiding each individual through the practice that is correct for them is where the magic happens for me. I love nothing more than seeing positive progress in the lives of my students!"


INTRODUCTORY SPECIALS FOR GROUP CLASSES                                              
New Student Intro Monthly Unlimited Package $75
New Student 5 Class Series $40  

1 class:  $18
5 classes:  $75 (= $15/class)
10 classes:  $130 (= $13/class)
15 classes:  $180 (= $12/class)
20 classes:  $220 (= $11/class)


1 Month $150                                                                                                                                                  

3 Months $400 (= $133.33/month)
6 months:  $675 (= $112.50/month)
12 months:  $1,300 (= $108.33/month)

*If you purchase any of our monthly or class series packages during your intro month, you will get 25% off the regular prices of the new package.

**Community Conscious classes are donation based; all donations go to Burbank Temporary Aid Center.  Please check the class schedule for when these classes are offered.



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                       DECEMBER 3rd 2-4pm



Ayurvedic tradition is rich with beauty rituals and other self-nurturing practices that focus on balancing the body & mind. Sea of Elements promotes self-care rituals that foster radiant skin, healthy rejuvenated tissues, and graceful aging. This is where do-it-yourself spa indulgence meets the depth and beauty of the Ayurvedic wellness tradition.

These guided seasonal beauty rituals are a lovely way to learn more about our products and your skin type, take a self-nourishing break, and bond with friends, family, and new faces! 


• Ayurvedic Skin Type Quiz.
• Dry Brushing technique to assist the lymphatic system.
• Explore the Art of Ahbyanga oil massage.
• Herbal facial steam and relaxation.
• Balancing Face Dust application and mask.
• Pre-hydration with Facial Mist for your skin type.
• Nutritive Facial Elixir to lock in hydration.
• Beauty regimen review.
• Beautifying Gift Bags!

***All Event bookings include 15% off all purchases made in the shop during the evening. 


Candice Jatib is a Los Angeles native who grew up spending time by the ocean and in nature. Yoga certified, Candice began studying Ayurveda with Eleni Tsikrikas of Belly Mind Institute in 2013.  She was inspired by the practicality and power of Ayurveda, a system of wisdom-based, medicine teachings from India. She began incorporating these teachings into her daily life practices. She heeds the importance of self care rituals, brews daily seasonal teas, and makes herbal capsule formulas that are healthy, natural, and powerful.

Applying her knowledge of plants’ abilities to heal while channeling her love for the vast beautiful ocean, Candice started creating products in small batches out of her kitchen in Los Angeles, CA.  These products are her way to impart her own conscientious beauty practices, spread love for nature and inspire others to live in connection with it, naturally and beautifully.

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2019 Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher Certification Programs

Based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and in the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya.

One weekend of each Month

FEB 2nd - DEC 8th 2019

This certificate program is designed for those who wish to deepen their understanding and experience of classical Hatha Yoga or holistic, healing Yoga Therapy.

It is Part One of a continuation of certificate programs which will help the graduates gain the practical knowledge and confidence to design and teach exceptional private or group yoga classes or work professionally as a certified Yoga Therapist. The optional secondary and tertiary parts of the program consist of a further 300 hrs. of study and 150 hours of practicum, which culminates with an Internationaly recognized Yoga Therapists certificate upon completion.

   This course consists of three primary objectives:

1.  Learning and integrating core Yogic and Ayurvedic healing practices, and how to

share our experience either through example or as dedicated teachers.

2.  Expanding the depth off all previously learned material practiced in group or private lessons.

3.  Exploring the traditional models and techniques, and how they relate to newer concepts-

 essential to the understanding, practice, and teaching of healing and therapeutic Yoga.


   • The mind as the primary organ of health

   • Yogic and Ayurvedic perspectives of Physiology & Anatomy

   • Creating a formal intake of the student/client's physical, mental and emotional history

   • The art of sequencing and creating healing practices with precision and purpose                                                          

   • The movement/shape of the spine as the basis of all asana 

   • Pranayama

   • The role of breath in asana

   • Key sutras from the first three chapters of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras

   • Meditation

   • The role of Sound, Mantra, and Vedic Chant

   • Positive Psychology

   In addition to 250 hours of theme presentation, practice and discussion, this course will consist of several key components, including:

GUEST LECTURERS AND EXPERT TEACHERS of this lineage in their specific fields:

e.g. Pre-natal Yoga and Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy for surviving cancer, PTSD, Diabetis  addiction/recovery. Samkhya and Vedic Philosophy. Yoga Anatomy and Visesa Asana


 Gain practical experience with unlimited group yoga classes over the course of your study.

STUDY-BUDDY and SANGHA HOME STUDY SYSTEM, for review and assignments.

 Co-educate with fellow students using designated reading, reflective study and memorization. Creative research, video networking, assisting with designing and sequencing group classes and holistic and therapeutic practices.


  Student teachers will demonstrate their ability to lead both private and group classes under the supervision of the teacher trainer. Trainees may be required to demonstrate or assist in group classes to gain experience, accelerated improvement and increased confidence.  


   One KEY feature and an essential requirement of the program is a monthly mentoring session with the Lead Instructor or other faculty. The aims of regular private sessions are:

   • Development and maintenance of a regular personal practice

   • Support with assimilating new information into daily practices

   • Assistance in group participation

   • Help with developing individual teaching skills

   (It is the student’s responsibility to schedule this hour-long meeting. All 10 privates must be completed by Dec 15th 2019)


CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS                                                              

   • Understanding Yoga Therapy’s key concepts and basic Ayurvedic principles

   • Dedicated commitment to a regular personal practice

   • Students must schedule and attend all required hours of private instruction with their mentor during the term of the program

   • Students must successfully complete all homework assignments

   • Students must demonstrate a working knowledge of and personal connection with course material

  Should a student fail to meet all requirements, certification may be delayed.


   With a direct and living lineage to the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, India, this program offers the highest standards of Yoga teacher training available. Upon completion of course requirements, participants will receive a Certified Diploma, and will have the tools, skills, and confidence required to teach group yoga classes and healing therapeutic private lessons.


   This program far exceeds the required 200hr National Educational Standards set by Yoga Alliance and is the foundation for the Internationl Association of Yoga Therapists certification.


    Tuition: $3,500-   


   $350- Deposit/ First month’s tuition due Jan 15, 2018. Balance may be paid in full, or:

   1. The student agrees to pay the 9 monthly installments of $350- per month by the 15th of each month.

   2. Payment is made each month that classes are scheduled.

   3. The student understands that a late payment fee of 10% may be assessed if his/her scheduled monthly payments are not received by the due day of the month and prior arangements had not been made. The fee may be assessed each month that the payment is late.

   4. The student understands that the Yoga Jaya has the right to release the student from the program should any monthly payment not be made within 30 days of its due date if other arrangements have not been previously confirmed.

   MISSED CLASSES: If a student misses a scheduled weekend or portion thereof, the student must   make up the time missed by scheduling private sessions as necessary.


      REQUIRED TEXT BOOKS:                                             

   • THE HEART OF YOGA T.K.V. Desikachar


• HOW YOGA WORKS Robert Birnberg



   • HEALTH HEALING AND BEYOND T.K.V. Desikachar     


   • YOGA RAHASYA Nathamuni

   • NATURE’S MEDICINE Dr. David Frawley

   • POSITIVITY Barbara Fredrickson


Schedule of 2019 Classes

All Saturdays and Sundays:

Feb 2nd, 3rd

March 2nd, 3rd

April 6th, 7th

May 4th, 5th

June 1st, 2nd

July 6th, 7th

Aug- Break

Sept 7th, 8th

Oct 5th, 6th

Nov 2nd, 3rd

Dec 7th, 8th